Estate Planning

Helping You Get Your Affairs in Order

There is not a bright line distinction between “estate planning” and “wills and trusts,” particularly since wills and trusts are among the primary documents used to achieve the proper estate plan. Many think of estate planning as dealing with taxes. In light of current law, most people have no estate tax concerns. (The estate tax is sometimes referred to as the “death tax.”) The more common problem is dealing with income taxes that will be generated by IRAs and other tax-deferred retirement plans.

Our approach is to not let the tax-planning tail wag the estate planning dog. We listen to your goals. Who do you want your estate to go to when you pass away? Do you need to protect assets for young people or people who have difficulty handling money? Then, after hearing your goals, we work on a plan to achieve those goals in a way that will avoid, or at least minimize, any negative tax consequences.